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Guide to becoming an Owner Builder in Queensland

The Owner Builder Club helps Owner Builders simplify the build process.

In Queensland, an owner-builder is the owner of the land who takes the responsibility of domestic building work on the owned land. The responsibilities may involve supervising the complete work with the help of third-party workers or managing a sub-contracted party for the same purpose.

To become an owner builder in Queensland you need to understand these basics:

  • Legal responsibilities
    An owner-builder in QLD has the same legal responsibility as that of a licensed builder. This means that if you plan on obtaining an owner builder permit, you will be responsible for all the permits, inspections, Occupational health and safety compliance, insurance and Defects Inspection Report. You need to get approval from the Queensland Building Authority to get the Owner-builder Permit.
  • Inspections
    When you become the owner-builder, it’s part of your responsibility to ensure that the required inspections are carried out during construction.
  • Insurance
    Owner Builder insurance should be considered as essential part of undertaking an owner builder project.
  • Health and Safety
    As an owner-builder, you are bound to ensure that the workplace and the means of entering and leaving the workplace comply with the Queensland occupational health and safety regulation


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